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It Matters.....

I have always been curious about why people do what they do, especially as it relates to relationships. I am intrigued with the who, what, when, where, why and how of people's behaviors. I often try to figure out who would do....when would a person...where would a person....why would a person... and how would a person behave in all their relationships.

In my own unprofessional opinion, I have concluded that the answer to those questions can be correlated to the person's relationships or lack thereof. For example, the parent/child relationship can shape the child's opinion and behaviors of how to parent their own children, whether it's in a positive way or negative way. How the child's own parent relates and connects with them impacts them for a lifetime. We are molded by our relationships, every single one of them.

I remember as a child my dad called me and my sister his little flowers. He treated us delicately and seldom raised his voice when correcting us, but when he did, I would be terrified. Now as an adult, I expect to be treated delicately by men that I have a connection with and I make it clear to men that I date, that I do not like for them to raise their voice when talking to me.... I guess you can conclude where that stemmed from, right?

Reflect back in your life to those relationships that are still impacting you today in some way. See how they really matter and think about how those relationships subconscious impacted you.

All our relationships matter and plays a huge role in shaping us for future relationships.

Can you think of any positive or negative relationships that you have experienced and how it has affected you in other relationships?

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