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Some people make it seem so easy.......ughhh!

Why does it seem like it's so easy for other people to be successful in pursuing their dreams, but hard for others? Can someone please tell me? For those of you that personally know me, you know that I am all about having a positive mindset no matter what is going on, so please don't think I have made a drastic shift in my thinking when I say this. I just want to know what's the difference....

Trying to get out of the "rat race" to pursue your dream of full-time entrepreneurship is

_____ fill in the blank. What word would you chose? From what I hear people say on social media and youtube, it's easy breezy, but what I actually see in real life and experience first hand seems contrary to that. I know we live in an age where most people want instant gratification for even the least bit of effort they put out, and I must admit with some things, I might be guilty of that myself; however, when it comes to business marketing, sales and building a brand, I know that it can take time especially if you do not have a huge following and starting from "scratch."

What is the difference in why it's easy for some and hard for others? Is it a lack of skills sets that is the difference? Is it the lack of drive? Is it the lack of consistency? Is it the lack of a strong desire? I remember reading, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill several years ago. He referenced having a burning desire is necessary in order to bring riches or whatever you goal is. He said you need to be obsessive, plan definite ways and means to acquire riches or whatever your goal is and backing those plans with persistence which does not recognize failure.

That's it! I answered my on question. Those people that are successful did not have it easy nor did they become successful overnight. They were just persistent. They didn't give up. They stayed focused on the end goal. We just didn't know them when they were starting out. We did not know it took them years before they finally became successful or reach the financial status they wanted. We don't know their back story. We don't know their failures. We don't know how many times they got told no. We don't know how many times they stayed up late putting in work to grow their business. We are only looking at the final product.

We are looking at their GLORY, BUT DON'T KNOW THEIR STORY.

For those of you who are weary, getting discouraged or feel like you should give up, keep pushing pass the obstacles, the failures, the rejections, the mishaps, the long hours, the tears and frustration because your riches are waiting for you. You can do it! Everything you need to accomplish your goal is within NOW. Stay Blessed

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