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Let me first start off by saying, I AM NOT PERFECT....and I know it-okay. If I could snap my fingers and become a perfect person, that would be great, but it would still be subjective. Although I would feel like I am perfect, someone else would not necessary feel that same way about me, no matter what.

I think most of us try to be the better version of ourselves on our own terms only after trying to be what we think others would like or even accept. It can be very exhausting and overwhelming being this way. Do we think people would not like the "real" us? Do we think

people would think we are "crazy?' You know nowadays, some people are quick to call

someone else crazy for any little reason instead trying to understand why that person did or

said what they did. Think about what they have experienced in their life up to that point and then you might have some compassion or understanding of why they are the way they are. Compassion and understanding seems like a foreign word in some ways now, but it's not.

Instead of me trying to adjust myself to each person, I am just the same me with everyone. Of course I treat others the way I would like to be treated. I am not rude, disrespectful or such in any way. Don't you be that way either and then say hey, that's just who I am - no, that's trying to justify being a horrible person and expecting people to accept it which will lead to a life of loneliness.

What I am saying is be who you are, which should be the better version of yourself for yourself and not others. Don't change to try to make someone else like you

or accept you because you will forever be changing for everyone in every situation.

Those that like the real you will stick around and those that don't well, that's okay for

them to move along elsewhere.

Stay true to yourself....

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