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Who's the prize?

So, here lately I have been trolling, pardon me, scrolling videos that have been making reference to men being the prize in relationships. I am shocked to see this somewhat popular opinion that some men are now proudly proclaiming. Where did this come from and who started it?

In my opinion, it seems kind of feminine for a man to think of himself as a prize unless the woman pursued him, as in she approached him, she asked for his telephone number, she asked him out on a date, she picked him up for the date, she offered a relationship, she made advances towards him, she asked for his hand in get my point.

Are men so unhappy now, that they need to boost their egos by considering themselves as a prize? Is society somehow creating a bunch of beta men? Where are the alpha men? An alpha man in no way would consider allowing someone else to take the lead in pursuit of a relationship. He takes the lead, sees what he wants i.e. the prize and goes after it. Later, he brags about how he won the prize. I seriously do not think he would get a good ego boost listening to his girlfriend or wife telling the story about how she went after him and won him, unless he's a beta man. And if he is, that's okay too. Most men sit around talking about women that they pursued or are trying to pursue. They are usually repelled by women that try to pursue them especially if they are not attracted to them.

Is this new thinking being based on money or status? Well, the majority of the men making this claim are regular men with regular jobs making regular money. Is this a claim that men start making when they think they are about to hit a new tax bracket; therefore, they feel that women would now be interested in them when before there were no takers?

Is it possible for both men and women to be the prize? Hmmm..... I don't think so. What do you think?

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